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When it comes to life, some might say that time is your most important asset. I say that’s baloney.


Others might say that your mindset is your most important asset. I can open up to that. But still I say it just isn’t true. Sure, mindset is critical to everything that happens in life, but that’s not where it all begins.


If you’ve ever worked with me as a client or taken one of my courses, you’ll know what I am about to say:


We can work on your mindset, but why not work on what’s at the root of your mindset and your mindset will naturally and accordingly adjust? Rather than us struggling with your mindset, why not address what leads your mindset to be as it is in the first place?


Rather than us struggling with your mindset, why not address what leads your mindset to be as it is in the first place?

Genius idea, I know, though not one that I can solely take credit for. Many (well-trained) therapists have been aware of this idea for some time. Whether many therapists have been equipped with the proper tools to effectively help people address the challenges at the root of their mindset, and whether people have been aware that there is a deeper, more profound and effective way to address their mindset and willing to pursue it is a different question.


But here we are— you and me. You because you yearn for what really works when it comes to your happiness and me because I can’t wait to share it with you.


So here it goes.


Your past is where the juice is. It’s where the money is. It’s where the transformation (or whatever your favorite stand-in slang word for it) is.


I get it. Most of us would gladly forget our past. And most of us try. Oh boy do we try.


And most of us also struggle with becoming happier and more confident and in creating relationships that are healthy and that feel good.


Coincidence? I think not.


Your past is your most important asset. No joke. And here’s why.


1. Your present and future are a byproduct of your past.


Your present and future are a function of who you’ve been— your past. And so, to create the kind of future you truly want, you need to lovingly “unweave” your past. And the same goes for our good old friend, mindset. Our mindset is a function of our conditioning. To effectively change your mindset, you need to start at the root, which is your past.


Time, well time alone doesn’t mean anything. We can use time poorly. We can also use it well. If we attend to our past in healing and loving ways, we will naturally fill our time in ways that are far more meaningful and joyful than we would have had we not attended to our past and simply sprung into the future eager to will our dreams into being.


2. Valuing time over money is great, but not nearly as great as if you value your past over both time and money.


Sure, valuing time over money makes you happier because you’re more likely to make decisions based on what’s meaningful to you rather than simply based on what gets you the most money. But what good is consciously choosing to do what you want to do rather than what you have to do if you’re still, in a way, not consciously choosing what you want to do? Think about it. When you haven’t yet tended to your past in meaningful and constructive ways, your mind’s desires are still at the mercy of your unconscious desires. Undoubtedly, they are. I say this not to scare you but to emphasize just how important it is for us to look back and focus on healing our past prior to jumping into the future of our dreams. Do you feel me?


3. Valuing your past will help you to use your time to live the life you want.



Why do people always want more time? And why do they keep wanting more even when they get more? Because they think it will help them to live the life they want!


I don’t disagree with that. More time is fantastic... but as I alluded to earlier, living the life you want, sure, is enhanced by having more time but it isn’t made by it. The single most powerful way to create the life you want is to tend to who you’ve been and where you’ve come from, and to integrate those places where you’re still stuck in the past. Then, and only then, will you be living the life of your dreams.


How To Protect Your Most Valuable Asset


Like any asset, if you want your past to be an instrument of betterment for you, you’ve got to prioritize the healing and integration of your past while living your present life. You’ve got to commit to understanding yourself better, offer yourself compassion for where you’ve been, and get the support you need to make this goal feasible enough to achieve.


Where to begin?


Well, like any good goal, our personal healing and happiness has got to have a starting point. The starting point I’ve created for people who are bursting at the seams to get “unstuck” from their past and create a happier life in the present I call The Happiness Hub. It’s my virtual community where you can watch free weekly lessons in happiness and healing, ask me questions, and chat with other like-minded and like-hearted people who are on a similar journey to you. And like the road to any good goal, there will be step by step directions that follow, including invitations to webinars and courses and opportunities for one-on-one and group coaching. Pretty cool, ye?


Without getting too far ahead, the most important thing is that you start. The road to prioritizing your past as a vehicle to get you to your destination of a happy future will be unfamiliar. Of course it will be. But you’ll be on the journey with lots of loving support along the way.


We are not meant to heal alone; we’re meant to heal together.


I’ll see you there ♡


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